Review: The Skids at the O2 Academy, Saturday 8th June 2019.

Firstly, let’s play tribute to the two great support bands that started off a very good night of music in Newcastle. The first act, Zeitgeist 77, played a half hour set full of original music with a good variation across the board. Followed by a local band from Jarrow,  Crashed Out, who played another 40 minutes and regaled us with such beauties as “Raise Your Glasses” and a punk rendition of the classic local song “Cushy Butterfield”. They set the tone for the night and got the crowd suitably excited for the main draw, THE SKIDS.

The Skids, a sextet now, consisting of Richard Jobson, Mike Baillie, Bill Simpson, Bruce and Jamie Watson and a slip of a lad on keyboards, came bouncing onto the stage and hit us with all guns a-blazing. They played hit after hit including corkers such as “Circus Games”, “Out of Town” and “The Olympian”. As well as the ‘crowd participation’ songs such as “Hurry on Boys”, “Woman in Winter” and the imitable “TV Stars”. And of course, they couldn’t get off the stage without playing “Into the Valley” or “Masquerade”. A smattering of new material was also lapped up by the happy crowd who were feeding off the bands enthusiasm and undoubted pleasure at playing to such an enthusiastic Newcastle audience.

No “Charles” or “Lorna” on the night. Has there been a chorus of “Pros and Cons” or the marauding song of “Vanguard’s Castle”, then the night would have been topped off with a cherry on top!

Richard Jobson knows how to work a crowd and seemed genuinely happy to have found that the fans out there are many, and they all still LOVE The Skids.

The songs still sound as raw and fresh and vibrant as they did back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, and after 40 years together, they will surely keep on rolling for a cannee while yet. All in all, a top gig by a top band!

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