Newcastle Cat and Dog Shelter Campaign Update

Last week, a team from Koast Radio 106.6fm delivered another 2 car loads of bedding etc. to The Newcastle Dog And Cat Shelter at Benton North Farm. All of the items were kindly donated by listeners in response to our campaign to raise awareness of the shelter and the great work that they do. They are in constant need of items such as bedding, towels, dog and cat toys, playthings for rabbits, Guinea pigs and so on.

More information on their needs can be found on the main Koast Radio 106.6fm Facebook page.

As well as delivering the donated items, the team - The G-Man, Ginger Jesus, Wor Marty and Hannah - also handed over a cash donation, courtesy of one of the listeners of Richy and Clairey's "Love By The Koast" show. The shelter was chosen as the recipient by listener Michael Lawton. The photo shows The G-Man handing over the cash donation to Martin from The Newcastle Dog And Cat Shelter.

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