Woodhorn Invasion X

This weekend saw the 10th year of the "Invasion" event at Woodhorn Museum in Ashington. With so many roaming characters taking part in "INVASION X", you could easily slip into another galaxy. Koast Radio 106.6FM were invited along to provide a mix of background music, including up to date tracks mixed with the occasional Sc-Fi theme tune, and help set the scene for what turned into a really great family event. With characters from different movies and TV programmes roaming around the grounds of the museum, you couldnít help look but look around in marvel (do you get my pun?!) at the effort that had gone into peopleís costumes. The great thing about the "INVASION" events is everyone that dressed up stood out and you couldnít help be blown away by the costumes. What a great excuse to get dressed up and just have fun because that was what it was all about!.

Koast Radio 106.6FM team, comprising of Ginger Jesus, Wor Marty and The G-Man, were based in the workshop with all the fantastic stalls and it was certainly a lively atmosphere - just ask the kiosk staff who were happily bopping away to the music!. I have to say this was the first event where every time you look around you see another character and you just have to admire the effort. From a dancing Ewok, to an inflatable Pikachu and there was a VERY realistic Chewbacca. All-in-all, there was something for everyone even if you werenít the biggest Sc-Fi or fantasy fiction fan. The workshop was busy with so much going on and the Macmillan Cancer Support charity folk were especially busy, using this event to raise important funds for their charity. At the end of the day who can resist a good old fashioned tombola? I know I certainly canít. I went with the intention of just looking around the stalls and not spending much money. Themed stalls were along both sides of the room. There was a fudge stand that made Iron Bru fudge, I mean yes please!. Other stalls were selling everythign from superhero craft stands and handmade liquors to beautiful coloured boards. 

This was my first year at an "INVASION" event, and I didnít know what to expect. I never thought Iíd walk around the colliery museum and see amazing fictional characters brought to life. Everyone who got dressed up was so friendly and seemed to love people appreciating their costumes. It was honestly brilliant seeing so many characters. As well as the workshop being busy with different stalls, outside had interactive shows throughout the day. We saw a line of Daleks putting on a show for all the families. Now, I donít think this would be a good blog if we didnít talk about the food that was on offer, which looked amazing and certainly helped our volunteers keep going throughout the day. We had Fat Hippos, stonebaked pizzas, Fish and Chips, donuts for anyone with a sweet tooth. It was safe to say you were spoiled for choice of refeshments after you had tired yourself out in costume ... especially cold drinks after being out in the hot sun. 

Money raised throughout the day was being donated to Macmillan and Woodhorn Charitable trust, two amazing charities. The event was the perfect family fun day and although the grey skies loomed on the horizon, the rain held off. With the summer holidays just kicking off, it was fantastic to see so many families embracing the spirit of the day. "INVASION" was a great family fun day and it woudl be remiss of me not to mention Paramjit Khaira and her great staff at Woodhorm Museum, who worked their proverbial socks off and last but by no means least, the man behind it all, Keith Lawler, who literally puts in months of work putting together the event, so "Thanks, Keith" and we take our hats off to you!

Hannah W.