Toyah at Newcastle O2, Saturday 22nd June 2019

Let me take you back…

The year is 1981, and I remember going into Olivers on Laburnum Terrace, in Ashington. I can’t remember what they sold downstairs, but upstairs was the record store. One of my favourite places to visit on a Saturday afternoon. Vinyl albums in racks as far as the eye can see. 45” singles in boxes, ex-chart ones for 50 pence. They even had couple of listening booths where you could ask to hear some of the record before buying it.

I was 15 and had my birthday money burning a hole in my flared jeans pockets (still a trend setter all those years ago), I had seen an amazing singer on Top of the Pops, the Thursday before. The quest I had set myself that day was to find and purchase her new album called “Anthem”. The singer in question was called Toyah. I took a shine to her right away; still don’t know to this day if it was the lisp or the coloured hair. Once Wendy had counted my money (twice, just in case) I toddled off home, to play my new acquisition. I love it as much today as I did on the first listen back then…

Fast forward 38 years later (gulp) and am seeing the lady in question at Newcastle O2 Live for the first time…  Bucket list moment for sure.

For someone of 61 years of age (don’t know if I should even mention the number), she was bouncing round the stage with the energy of a twenty year old.  We were in the smaller room at the O2, but it only enhanced the experience for me. Even Toyah said it was a “fantastic intimate room”. We were all there to have fun, and by the look on her face she loved it too.

Great mixture of new songs from her brilliant new album “In the Court of the Crimson Queen” including Dance in the Hurricane, Angel in You, Who Let the Beast Out, and new single Sensational. Mingled in with the absolute classics like It’s a Mystery, I want to be Free, Rebel Run and my personal favourite Thunder in the Mountains. Crowd were in great voice, and were singing along with most of the songs. Chatty and joking with the audience, at one point she said who’s been with me for the past 40 years, am pretty sure we all had our hands up screaming “yeeeeessssss……”

Curfew at 10 pm, but just time to sneak a cheeky tune in before they left the stage. If you didn’t get along to see her this time, make sure you do next time she’s up here. You can thank me later…


 Full Set List –

Dance in the Hurricane

Who let the Beast Out

Good Morning Universe

We Are

All in a Rage

Neon Womb

Echo Beach (Martha and the Muffins cover)

21st Century Supersister

Be Proud, be Loud (Be Heard)


Telepathic Lover

Angel and Me

Thunder in the Mountains


It’s a Mystery



Brave New World

Rebel Run

I want to be Free