Bigger and Better Koast Radio

Ofcom has recently agreed an extension to our broadcast area to include Cramlington, Blyth and Morpeth to enable us to improve our radio output coverage to the whole of South East Northumberland.

Ofcom considered that the change would amount to a large increase in the licensed area, but not a significant increase. Ofcom considered that there were clear relationships and affinities between the locations, which are all part of the South East Northumberland Delivery Area (a sub area of Northumberland county Council).

· An increase in power is possible to serve the areas requested which has been capped to ensure there is no inference into other services.

· Koast is currently receivable in the areas requested, although reception is poor.

· The licensee has a team of volunteer presenters from the communities in the proposed extension area.

· Koast is already “heavily involved in these wider communities in supporting local groups and sporting and leisure events including live broadcasts”.

· The extended area would not overlap with any other community radio stations or small commercial stations.

Ian Conway the Managing Director at Koast Radio said “This is fantastic news for Koast Radio and the whole of South East Northumberland. We are already heavily involved in events in the local communities across South East Northumberland with events such as the Blyth Battery 75 Year celebration, Party in the Park in Morpeth and Bedlington Terrier North East Gathering. The proposed change in transmitter and increase in output power will ensure that we can reach more listeners and improve the listener experience.”

The installation and commissioning process will take several months but fundraising for the cost of the work and other work is already underway.

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