Renegade Rock Show

Renegade Rock Show


The Renegade Rock Show featuring the very best in rock music and you get the opportunity to put your rock music suggestions forward and there are opportunities to listen to the show all over again.

The hirsute ‘n’ cuddlesome host of “The Renegade Rock Show”, Graeme J – a.k.a “The G-Man”

Graeme is joined on the show by Alan Byrne.

Graeme is a dyed-in-the-double-denim rocker who’ll aurally stimulate you every Monday night with 3 hours of choice rock tracks from the 1970’s to the present day.

A former Rock DJ at the Mayfair Graeme knows his rock music like the back of his hand.

If he hasn’t got it, it’s not worth knowing about.

Alan loves rock music almost as much as he loves the sound of his own voice, which means he has found his spiritual home on the Renegade Rock Show. A huge fan of live music, most weekends he can be found either playing guitar in his band or watching other bands in & around the area. Alan & Graeme are firm friends on & off air, so there’s always banter & mickey taking as well as great music”

“Warning this is a rock show and is not for the faint hearted it contains headbanging music and guitar licks that have you reaching for your air guitar. Some songs containing edgy and forthright lyrics”





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