Mr Scurfs Koast Train

Welcome on board Mr Scurfs Koast Train.

If you are a fan of randomness and daft banter then you are in the right place.

Every Wednesday at 8pm Mr Scurf and Producer Mark stoke up the old Choo Choo train and take it on a fantastic musical adventure.

“These lot are bonkers and they play some excellent tracks especially if you are fan of Madness, The Specials, The Beat, The Selector, Dexy’s then turn up your dial and take in some top notch aural entertainment” George Gruffleschnark, lead singer, The Dribbleclowns.

Stoking the fires of the train every week is producer Mark who does his very best to keep the train on its tracks.If Mr Scurf is feeling generous he might even let Mark drive the train for a short while. Toot toot!

The Koast Train runs every Wednesday from 8pm through to 11pm.





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