Funk, Soul & Disco & Everything Inbetween

Funk, Soul & Disco & Everything Inbetween

Join Marty G for an eclectic mix of music featuring Funk, Soul and Disco, Latino, Euro Pop and everything in between as he brings you a late night live show from Stavanger in Norway.

Marty is a Norwegian based VDJ who started his DJing Career in the UK in the 1970’s working in bars and clubs across the North East before DJing on the continent.

Marty DJ’d at the Chelsea Cat, The Tavern, The Rum Runner, Ruperts, Banwell’s, The Shoreline, Buddy’s, Maddison’s and a host of other clubs across the region.

Marty has extensive knowledge of a wide range of music genre’s and he is going to be full of surprises as he brings you some of the biggest Funk, Soul & Disco hits from down the years as well as a few that have been massive on the continent but never quite made a breakthrough in the UK.

Join Marty from 11pm every Thursday night for 3 hours of great music.