HOOHAR Loves Wax

HOOHAR Loves Wax

HOOHAR loves wax on Koast Radio.

A weekly all vinyl show with anything from Reggae to Rave, Jungle to Jazz, Hip-Hop, Breaks and Greats and everything else in between.

Covering new and independent releases as well as some long lost classics and records that need more play time.

Not only do I do everything vinyl I’m also focussing on everything turntable. I’ve got some turntablists, spinners and mixers to interview about their views on the humble deck and how they use it and what for – and incorporate these into my show.

Wherever I can I’ll still play radio edits, but being an authentic vinyl show and wanting you to listen to all kinds of music from all kinds of people some tunes may have an expletive in as I simply can’t edit these on a genuine vinyl record.

So PARENTAL ADVISORY WARNING some songs may contain OFFENSIVE lyrics so if you are easily offended please don’t listen and then complain you have been warned.

If you have an event you want mentioned just drop a line to the show and I’ll put it out there for you…

Every Saturday from 9pm till Midnight HOOHAR loves wax…







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