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Koast Radio offers a range of opportunities to help promote local business and events with the ability to reach  thousands of potential customers effectively.

Radio can reach potential customers in a way that other advertising mediums can’t.

Really, how?

  • Have you ever waited until the adverts come on TV before making a cuppa or popping to the toilet? You have?
  • How often do you skip the adverts in the local newspaper or magazine? All the time?

But with radio,

  • listeners will happily accept and listen to radio commercials throughout the day whilst driving, working or relaxing at home.

Radio advertising is…

  1. Cost effective Radio advertising is well suited for small businesses looking to build awareness.
  2. Quick – Placing a high-quality radio ad is relatively quick – an idea can go from the drawing board to live radio in a matter of days.
  3. Flexible – We offer flexible arrangements to suit your needs and budget and changes can be made to your message.
  4. Portable – Radio can be enjoyed almost anywhere in conjunction with other activities such as cleaning the house, driving, mowing the lawn, even showering.
  5. Friendly – Listeners develop friendships with radio presenters
  6. Targeted – Radio is a great platform for reaching specific groups, at certain times and places. A range of specialist shows can help you reach specific audiences.

Our packages are tailored to suit your requirements and budget and include:

  • A key account manager.
  • A professionally produced advert to meet your requirements and get your message heard.
  • An advert played when your target audience is most likely to be listening.
  • Placements on our website and social media networks.

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